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What is CAMEO

CAMEO is a collaborative project between UCD
and industry partners

We have assembled a uniquely capable and experienced consortium made up of key players in EO technology across 4 key domains – Agriculture, Forestry, Climate and Marine – to develop the CAMEO platform. The consortium is made up of UCD as lead partner, and industry partners: Dell EMC, Edgescan, IconGeo, Treemetrics, TechWorks Marine, and Vertice Cloud.

What will CAMEO achieve

We will create a vast archive of imagery, promoting a "just-in-time" and an "as-needed" approach to imagery creation, accelerating the data requirements phase of future projects. The sheer speed of processing on this platform will dramatically reduce timeframes for many use-cases, thereby creating a huge opportunity for businesses to take on more projects at any given time.

CAMEO will enable the development of a sustainable internationally trading Earth Observation (EO) services sector in Ireland, with minimal barriers to entry, allowing users to obtain the information needed when they need it.


How does CAMEO achieve this

  • User-friendly interface and recommendation service for non-expert users.
  • Agent-based microservices architecture.
  • New metadata index.
  • Semantic tagging.
  • Quality metrics.
  • Interoperable with ESA and other data providers: use of industry standards.
  •  Private user work-space: data storage + processing.
  • Efficient, cloud-based, vendor-neutral.
  • Advanced analytics (ML).

Who is CAMEO for

CAMEO will be beneficial for the following users: 
  • Irish companies especially those that require EO data and/or analytics, and do not have the expertise to do so.
  • Government agencies and departments, especially those that have limitation for spatial data sources. 
  • Other sectors, citizen and community groups and the public that require access to EO sources for projects and planning.
  • Service companies providing EO data based commercial products/services.
  • International stakeholders such as ESA.
  • Academic institutions who are involved in research related to EO sources and teaching.
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